Spring/Summer Portfolio

The work I’ve been doing this summer has asked a lot of my writing and design skills. I’ve been working a lot with WordPress and a little with Canva. Here are three of my projects that I’m proud to share.

metta post 1The first is that my long-format reflection, “Walking the Barefoot World” is now live on the Metta Earth Institute blog! Well, Part 1 is live, at least. It turned out be so long (me? verbose? no!) that we split it into two parts. Please hop over and take a look!

Not only have I been writing for Metta Earth, but I have been working with their World Outreach team to coordinate their web and social media efforts. Going forward, I have lots of ideas for things I want to write about, but I’m just as excited about editing and curating content by people who are on the ground at Metta Earth in Vermont.


bpf flyer

As the founder/leader of the environmentalist group at my temple, I have also happily and busily been putting together a nonviolent direct action training that we’re hosting. This training is being facilitated by Dawn and Katie of Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Right now, we’re still in the outreach stage, but we’ve got enough people signed up to move forward with this amazing training. It will be happening on this Labor Day weekend (and if you are anywhere in the vicinity of southeast Michigan, please join us!!!)

Doing outreach for an event like this has been a learning curve, for sure. What builds community, what motivates people, what creates coalitions? Lots of lessons around listening and messaging. But I did make this awesome-if-I-don’t-say-so-myself flyer for it using Canva. I love doing stuff like this and look forward to doing more in the future.

bird center front pageFinally, I have also started working on the website of the Bird Center of Washtenaw County. This is a wonderful organization that rehabilitates and releases injured and orphaned song birds in our county. It’s really grassroots/shoestring operation where people give so much of their time to help these birds. I’m updating the website with cleaner design, more detailed information about the center, and better placement of information. In the future, once the site is to my liking, I hope to work on more content/inbound marketing for the Center, which means writing and posting social media about one of my biggest loves–birds!

With the help of another volunteer, we installed the WordPress theme Maisha, which I have to say I’m kind of in love with. Changing the Center’s web site go from a dark, out-dated, clunky design to its current design has been so, so satisfying, as has been organizing the information on the page to make it easy for people to donate, volunteer, and get help for birds.


2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Portfolio

    1. Hi Barry!

      Do you mean the Bird Center? I think checking out your local wildlife rehab place would be good. Some places do all wildlife, some are specialists. But since we destroy so much habitat and endanger so much wildlife when we don’t need to, I think wildlife rehabilitators are really necessary all across the country.

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